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Accommodation address:
P. O. Box 135, 762 02 Zlin, CZ
Head office:
L. Vachy 197, Zlin - Prstne
Phone and fax number:
+420 577 012 323
Phone number:
+420 577 012 324
+420 602 740 507, +420 602 513 556
About company

Xante s.r.o. company was found in 1995. Since the time of its found it has developed to advisory, expert and consulting company.
Xante s.r.o. company has certificated quality management system according to standard:

  • »SN EN ISO 9002:1994 (since 1999)
  • »SN EN ISO 9001:2001 (since 2002)

XANTE s.r.o. company is present at prestigious international ecological expo ENVI BRNO
ENVI BRNO - Photo no. 1 ENVI BRNO - Photo no. 2
ENVI BRNO - Photo no. 4 ENVI BRNO - Photo no. 3

Main priority of Xante s.r.o. company is providing of quality and complex services to all the clients, which bring them high added value, head towards to their prosperity, protection of their workers, property and protection of environment in the broadest sense.

System approach

Whole offered services come out from system approach, which is condition of supply of complex solution.

Own Know-how

Wide-ranging knowledge, own progresses and know-how allow offering thought-out system approaches, which give a true picture of center of dealing problems bringing all the clients asked results at affordable prices.


Whole fortune of Xante s.r.o. company is based on management of knowledge.

Independence and impartiality

Xante s.r.o. company considers principle of independence to be center of access to all the clients. For this reasons has its own entrepreneurial activity diversified to some areas. For the reasons of principle of independence Xante s.r.o company. isn't member of any professional association or interest group.

Maintainable development

Principle of thriftiness to environment and identify with principles of maintainable development is to show to each activity of Xante s.r.o. company. Company is using information technology to its activities, company is working on the basis of flexible working teams and whole its activity optimizes so as this aim would be continuously reached. On the basis of this principle company has connected postscript "The Environment Company" to its name.


Xante s.r.o. company considers independent development of individuality of each person without diferences of gender, age, race and nationality and freedom of religion to be prerequisite of right development of human community. Xante s.r.o. company according to its possibilities supports miscellaneous activities or self dooes work without charge in educational field.

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